About Me

I am a mother of two who previously worked in design and communications. Personally I've found Pilates to be a fantastic form of exercise, as well as an effective way of improving overall well being. I decided to share the benefits of my own experience with others, so undertook a year's Pilates Matwork teacher training course in 2003 and then a further 18 month Apparatus training course in 2005 with the Pilates Foundation UK Ltd. I am therefore a qualified Pilates Matwork and Apparatus teacher.

I am fully committed to my own personal development and undertake a minimum number of professional education courses each year. I also served as a Pilates Foundation Board Director from 2005 - 2008, as I fundamentally believe in the organisation's passion for providing the highest standards of teaching and practice of Pilates. I am also a qualified Garuda matwork teacher.

Becoming a Pilates teacher has allowed me to bring more of who I am to what I do. My work with clients is based on respect, openness, and the sharing of responsibility when working together. This collaborative process is absolutely fundamental in all my work. The more trust we build together, the more I can help you to realise your body's potential.

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